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Follow these 4 steps to measure your room and select the right size underfloor heating kit from the Product chart below. See also how to measure guide attached below.

Step 1: Measure all wall dimensions and draw on the template provided below in how to measure guide.

Step 2: Draw in approximate size and locations of permanent fixtures such as baths, vanities etc (for example a typical bath is 1800mm x 900mm).

Step 3: Calculate the remaining floor space that will be heated in sqm, remember to leave 100mm-150mm clearance from walls and fixtures.

​Step 4: Select the heating product from the Product Chart below, the standard underfloor heating matt is 50cm wide (1sqm kit equals 50cm wide x 2m length). All kits are supplied with thermostat control, external temperature sensor, comprehensive installation guide and testing device. ​We have also provided a table to calculate the approximate costs to run each product.

​If you have any trouble, send us your measurements along with any photos of your room and we will calculate free of charge for you -

how to measure

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